If you would like to volunteer for LocalMotion
please contact us at (734) 623-0773.

  • Volunteer at one of the lectures.
  • If you have an expertise that you think would be helpful, call us to find out how to get involved.
  • Support LocalMotion programs by contacting school, community, and business leaders and letting them know that you are interested in the use of non-toxic products.
    • Contact your child’s school and ask about pesticide use. Express your concerns about pesticides and mention Integrated Pest Management as an alternative to toxic chemicals.
    • Call local parks and golf courses and inquire about their use of pesticides. Express your concerns about pesticides. Encourage them to consider using fewer pesticides or less toxic pest/weed control strategies.
    • Ask for safer, non-toxic cleaning products and cosmetics when you shop. If such products are not stocked, let retailers know you would buy them if they were.
    • Ask your dry cleaner if they offer wet cleaning services for all garments. Dry cleaners may have wet cleaning available for some garments, but not all, even though the technology exists. Let them know that you are interested in wet cleaning for all of your garments.